Your little dog travels from the air terminal nearest to us on American, United or Continental Airline’s Pet-Safe, to your closest air terminal. He/she goes in an environment controlled lodge region for pets, in an aircraft affirmed transporter. Early you will have a flight #, appearance time, and a reference # that recognizes your pup. We make every one of the game plans for you, and you get your little dog at the air terminal, very much like getting an individual and you will require a reference/tracking number at arrival. Delivery is absolutely protected and calm on the pup. You will get pup inside 5-18 hours same day depends upon your area. Young doggies on planes are just about as protected as you or I flying. We have delivered canines for over 2 decades now. We generally attempt to deliver direct relentless when flying pups and grown-ups. As I would like to think, Our little dogs are entirely agreeable and the new proprietors reveal to me that their new doggy has shown up glad and not in any way focused.

We transport our little dogs utilizing carriers since it is the quickest and most secure approach to move our young doggies from our place to yours particularly on the off chance that you live far away or in another state. Our doggies are sent in an aircraft affirmed plastic pet hotel that we alter contingent upon the heaviness of the little dog, the distance or term of the excursion. They ride in an extraordinary environment controlled and compressed compartment on the plane which is no distinction from the lodge. They are not in a similar compartment as the traveler baggage.

Our transportation crates are unmistakably set apart with bright “LIVE ANIMALS” and “UP” stickers. We mark the cases plainly with the objective air terminal, the affirmation number, the telephone and address of the client. At the point when we realize that a pup will be dispatched, we play with them in the case preceding delivery so they are utilized to it. They have never shown dread of the box. We put heaps of food and a lot of water in the transportation case. The water give all the dampness the little dog need during conveyance. One explanation we do this is on the off chance that, in the impossible occasion the little dog ought to stall out at an air terminal short-term (due to corresponding flight inconvenience), we don’t need to stress in the event that they have enough to eat or drink. In spite of the fact that voyaging isn’t that difficult on them, we don’t prefer to cause them to invest any more energy than could be possibly needed on the way. Consequently we additionally search for the briefest course and consistently plan non-stop flights if conceivable.

We check climate conditions at the less than desirable end and possibly transport when we think of it as protected to do as such. We put our doggies’ wellbeing over any remaining contemplations and don’t send when we feel it very well may be risky to the little dogs’ prosperity. We for the most part transport Monday – Saturday. We ensure safe and solid appearance of your little dog. We WILL NOT SHIP in the event that we feel that climate conditions are perilous for the pup. Your little dog may require not many days to change once they get to their new homes, some of the time it takes them daily or two to get comfortable, however by a long shot, by far most of individuals tell us they simply step straightforwardly of the transportation container and act comfortable. French Bulldog shipping

We also offer delivery of new puppy DIRECTLY to your house address!! We have reliable Airline Nannies that will fly with your puppy and deliver right to you. This is the safest, most reliable, and the least stressful way for your new puppy to be shipped to your destination. A delivery Nanny takes the puppy on bored with them and they can give them the attention they need. 

Due Diligence

All puppies are flown with ice cold water, bedding and food attached to their travel crates if required. Shipping varies, but we prefer to use American, United or Continental Airlines. They are wonderful with animals and have new planes with compartments made especially for Dogs, Cats, Birds, Insects, etc.

These are required for all animals travelling via air. This is to ensure all animals are not sharing anything more than a ride. All airlines require this. It’s mandatory.

Please be waiting for your puppy at home or the airport at the given time. Usually the puppy is available one hour after the flight arrival time and a valid ID such as a driver’s license is needed for pick up. We always appreciate when buyers inform us that the puppy has arrived safely and at home with them, so please call or email us as soon as you receive your puppy. Don’t forget to take your puppy to your local veterinarian for the regular arrival health check up within 5 days of arrival. A follow up call is placed 24 hours after you have received your new puppy to ensure everything is perfect, to answer any questions you have and to measure your satisfaction.

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