We ensure that you will be provided with a solid little dog, liberated from any innate infections, for as long as 1 year after the hour of offer. To guarantee this assurance, the purchaser should have the pup analyzed by an authorized veterinarian inside 5 days of its arrival at your destination. This assessment will be to the detriment of the purchaser. This assurance doesn’t exclude ailments that can distress all canines. These include: demodex mange, coccidiosis, parvo, giardia, inguinal or umbilical hernias, hypoglycemia, ear bugs, insects, or ticks. This assurance doesn’t exclude medical issue that are viewed as typical for French bulldogs, including cherry eye, entropion, skin hypersensitivities, lengthened delicate sense of taste, stenotic nares (squeezed nostrils), lopsided chomps, or “free hips.” This assurance doesn’t exclude matters of size, weight, structure, coat quality, or disposition.

We give AKC papers in the event that you are following through on the pet cost for your pup.On the off chance that the purchaser chooses to decline the necessary assessment or doesn’t have it performed inside the 5 days time limit, the purchaser will accept total accountability for the pup’s wellbeing, and the agreement will be viewed as void. Read More about French bulldog health.

French Bulldog for sale

Our Replacement Policy

If the French Bulldog Puppy does not pass the needed examination by any chance develops any genetic or hereditary disorders, or has undescended testicles within a year of purchase, it will be fit for a replacement.

The buyer will be need to provide documentation from at least two verified veterinarians including: written paperwork and diagnosis, test analysis, and any other vital information as requested by the seller. The purchaser will continue to remain financially responsible for all veterinary expenses.

Upon replacement, the puppy will need to be return with all AKA registration Paperwork so as to return full ownership to the seller.
If a genetic condition should cause the dog to die within 1 year of purchase, it will be fit for replacement. French bulldog health 

A necropsy will need to be done and  legal report must be issued by a verified veterinarian. Once the seller has received this report, it will be carefully studied before making a final decision. The buyer will be financially responsible for all veterinary charges during the period of time. If the seller finds the necropsy report to reflect that the cause of death was due to a genetic condition, the seller will agree to replace the dog. The replacement puppy will be taken from the next litter and will be of the same sex and value of the former dog. Cash refunds, in part or full, can be given under any circumstances. The buyer will need to pay the balance and pickup the puppy within 3 days of the arranged pickup date, unless special arrangements have been made. If the buyer fails to pickup the puppy within 72 hours time, the puppy will be resold and the buyer’s deposit will be paid back.

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