Feeding a French Bulldog Puppy

A French bulldog puppy ought be fed three times per day meanwhile they are still two to six months old. As soon as the Frenchie reaches six months, their feeding schedule can be reduced down to 2 meals a day.

As long time French bulldog owner, we can now look back and give you some more detail on exactly what our French bulldog puppy feeding schedule looks like and how it worked and has been working for us.

By the left you can see a French bulldog feeding guide we attached. It contains some rough guidance on how can program and plan  feeding, and what other things you  need to take into consideration. You can print it out and paste on your fridge.

What Quantity Of Food Should I Feed my French Bulldog?

Kindly look at the French Bulldog feeding chart attached to this page, you might want the quick answer to the quantity of food to feed your French Bulldog. Per the general rule of thumb, you are required to feed a French Bulldog puppy aged 8 to 12 weeks old around 1 and a half cups of food a day, in three separate meals.

As the French Bulldog gets older, the quantity of food you should feed them will change. You can see the cup amounts and frequencies in the French Bulldog feeding chart attached above. Feeding a French bulldog 

Before we get too deep on details on this, we are assuming that your puppy has already been weaned off his mother’s breast milk. The weaning process typically happens over a two to three week period, and you shouldn’t even have a puppy that young away from the mother. 

Once you take your puppy to his new home, he should already be used to eating puppy food. If he’s not, he is been taken away from his mother too early. As we mentioned above, you should be feeding your French bulldog puppy three times a day. They need that regularity as they are growing and burning a lot of calories because they are so energetic.

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