How Much Does a French Bulldog Cost?

French Bulldog Cost

The French bulldog is known to be a pricey breed. The reason for the exorbitant French bulldog cost can be attributed to high demand and low supply. Many people look for the best of this species, but cannot find enough of these high quality puppies.

One of the main reasons for this is the color of coat which is diverse and varied. More than anything, it is not easy to breed the French bulldog. Irrespective of where you purchase the French bulldog from, you should ask if there are any disorders present and if so, obtain a specific description of the same.

Most reputed breeders sell Frenchies that are priced between $1000 and $5000, depending on the color of the coat and if they have a champion bloodline such as the Blue French bulldog. These French pups should meet the norms of the American Kennel Club (AKC), America’s non profit registering authority. This option is rather expensive, a recommended alternative would be to adopt from a French bulldog rescue.

It is important to neuter them to avoid health complications and a huge French bulldog cost for further down health issues, unless you are planning to breed them. Probably the best way would be to search for a French bulldog adoption shelters or search a rescue French bulldog network.

The cost of these adopted French bulldogs are much more cheap compared to most French bulldog breeders, ranging from free to only $500. However, these bulldogs are left to the shelters because in most cases the previous owners can not take care of.

Many would think this option would not be the right choice, but there are many Frenchies at the rescue shelter in great condition.

French Bulldog Reputed Breeders

If you are dealing with an unscrupulous breeder, they might tell you that there are no problems, but the truth is that they only want to sell the pups for the money.

Reputable breeders would find it tough to produce French bulldog pups with a perfect bill of health. For this, the pups need to be tested which leads to producing an expensive. Although, this may help the purchaser save thousands of dollars in vet bills.

If you do choose to purchase the canine from a pet store, it is possible the pup is in healthy shape. However, in some cases pet stores can hide the fact these pups can came from a puppy mills. A good idea is to find out their past history from where they were raised or find out the parents to determine its health.

Although, pet stores have sales and discount prices on French bulldogs it isn’t always cheap. Check with a French bulldog rescue for a better alternative.

French Bulldog Birth Expenses

Few French bulldogs are capable of giving natural birth. This is because they have narrow hips which make mounting tough. This is why most females require artificial insemination which is an expensive and time consuming process.

Also With their large heads and shoulders, the Frenchie puppies cannot pass through the birth canal. This requires delivery through a C-section. This often entails a French bulldog of a big birth expense. Moreover, French bulldogs have comparatively small litters. It is common to have a couple of puppies, with the number occasionally going up to four.

French Bulldog Toys and Treats

Newborn puppies require a lot of care and attention.

Lots of toys can keep them occupied and prevent them from chewing on the sofa. Though some toys can be pricey like most pet toys, but they will definitely keep the pup happy.

Buy lots of toys for your pup!

French bulldog puppies should be fed when your ready to have your meal time. It will let them know when is eating time.

Puppies loves treat just as any kid would, but French bulldogs will do anything for a taste. This would be a great time to teach them tricks and have to potty train. Buy lots of treats and toys to keep your French bulldog pup happy and obedient.

Taking these aspects into consideration with the usual vet and medicine bills, toys, shelters, attention, and french bulldog food which these bullies require. It is almost like raising a child of your own.

It is obvious that breeding and caring for these canine pups adds up to make the French bulldog cost significantly high. These dogs sell for well over thousands of dollars and reputable breeders can make a big profit.

Puppy mills may offer slightly reduced rates, but they repeatedly breed their French bulldogs, and keep the pups locked in cages most of the time. Hence, the more priced French bulldog cost the better quality such as the blue French bulldog.

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